How to Remove Decals

How easy a decal is to remove does depend on some factors eg. film type, temperature,
surface the decal is on and the age of the graffics.

Below are some instructions that may be helpful to remove decals in most situations.

If you wish you can use a heat gun to heat up the area where the decal is. Hold the heat gun roughly
30cm away from decal. This will heat up the glue and make it easier to pull off. Be careful though if
using the heat gun on a cold glass surface because it could crack! On cars make sure you don’t bubble
the paint (often caused by holding heat gun too close to the surface)

1) Use a pin stripe remover (or fingernail) to get under the edge of the decal.

2) Once the corner is up you can start pulling at the rest of the decal, the decal may rip off and
come apart from the rest of the decal, (you probably wont be able to pull the whole decal off in one go).

3) When this happens start the process again. If using a heat gun it is best to hold the heat gun in one
hand, and remove the heated up decal with the other hand. Just be careful not to burn yourself with the
hot air, top of the heat gun or possibly the decal. (Heating it can have a melting effect, hot to touch!)

4) Keep repeating this action until the decal is removed.

5) Once the decals are gone, you will usually find a sticky residue has been left by the glue.
To remove this, use turps or citrus based adhesive remover, and wipe away the glue with a rag.

6) Keep going until it’s all gone, it can take a while sometimes.

7) After the adhesive is gone, wipe over the area with metho / turps on a rag, to remove any loose bits
that are left.

8) Check over the area to make sure it’s all gone. If you find any missed areas remove them and wipe
over again.

9) Once it’s all removed, give the area a wash with soapy water and a sponge.

This info is to be used as a guide only.

Test in a small area first to make sure the turps / metho etc doesn’t effect the surface.

No responsibility will be taken for any accidents or damage that may happen by following this guide.